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China's preschool leading brand, nursery one-stop solution


Provided the overall nursery indoor and outdoor structure


Including planning / design / production / installation guide / construction



ISO9001 / ISO14001 / TUV / CE / TUV...






Our products are formed by the combination of machines and hand-make.
It not only ensures the mass production of the machine but also guarantees the fineness of hand-made. 
We have seven quality management systems to ensure that our products are qualified, safe, and produced according to standards.
1.Supply system      
2.Production management system     
3.QC system   
4.Packaging system   
5.Inventory system  
6.Factory inspection system   
7.Service system


New Products Nursery Art Room Design
The art area is a small world where children can feel beauty, appreciate beauty, express beauty and create beauty. Children can observe and appreciate a variety of different works and objects through their own observations, can choose different tools and materials at will, cooperate with their peers in a friendly manner, organize art activities in an organized manner, and express their feelings according to their own wishes and interests And cognition, thereby enhancing children’s creative and aesthetic abilities.